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don't understand, we're the moderates, we're the liberals, and we can't let these demonstrators set the terms of the settlement. it was a sense of betrayal. george wallace, in 1963, was running, his presidential aspirations come shortly afterwards. all of this made him enormously popular in the state. and events from 1963 onward, the war in vietnam, the anti-war movement, what we might call the rise of the counterculture, pornography, sex, all of these things, along with the race riot of 1960s, fight of the 1960s suddenly transformed george wallace into a national figure, and he ended up, of course, running an extraordinarily successful, not finally but ultimately given his background, extraordinary campaign in 1968 in which at one point 28% of the american people said they supported george wallace for president. nevertheless, he was always limited of what happened in 1963. no one could ever erase from their minds his actions, his words, and the events of 1963. it always placed a cap on what he -- in what he could accomplish as a national politician. so i do think, in many ways, wha
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1